3 FAQs

  • Can I view the lessons offline?

    ABA are active courses tracked and monitored by a real person. This requires each viewing to be done with reliable internet connection to ensure best results.

  • Why does the length of video lessons vary?

    ABA video lessons' length vary from several minutes to over half an hour. This is to ensure that each video contained the most optimal time required to deliver a particular lesson.

    This means easier topics get shorter video lessons and the more complex ones require longer time. This will ensure that you don't spend insufficient as well as unnecessary time for each lesson.

  • I signed up to your newsletter but didn't receive any login.

    Our newsletter is an easy and convenient way for people to keep up with our news and updates. However, this process doesn't automatically create your free membership account.

    To take full advantage of our free membership package, you must register your username and password through our Login/Registration menu on the top corner of our website.